Lisa Tomczeszyn is an artist from Los Angeles.


All of my imagery is inspired by landscape.  No matter the medium, my work is a meditation on the chemistry of light, air and water and the combinations of sky ane weather patterns created.



I am always humbled when I work in watercolor.  The element of chance that exists in the alchemy between paint, paper and water reminds me of sitting meditation, the more you try to control the experience the more difficult it becomes.



The medium of oil painting allows for a longer contemplation of form and color.  As a young painter my inspiration artists where Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler and Odilon Redon.  It is in the medium of oil



When working in pastel I layer the pigment very heavily on paper and find this medium a conduit for the meditative state of working and blending color on color directly on the paper.  The pure pigment present in pastel crayons always creates a joyous drawing experience.

After abandoning the 7th Avenue fashion business, Lisa Tomczeszyn trained as a lithographer with Yoshi Higa and an oil painter with Robert Mumford while at Southampton College.  

Ms. Tomczeszyn is as a costume designer in film and television. 



Lisa Tomczeszyn’s primary studio is in Hollywood, California.